The Maine House of Representatives

Submitting a Photo for the Register/Roster

We need a head and shoulders photo of all House members for inclusion in the House and Senate Register and the House/Senate Photo Roster. Returning members may use the photo we have on file, or may supply a new photo. If you do not have a photo you'd like to use, we can take your photo once you arrive at the State House.

High-resolution digital photos may be emailed to Member Support.

We suggest JPEG format as being the least likely to trigger our occasionally overly-sensitive spam filters; if the picture is in another format, please give it a try - most will work most of the time. We will let you know we received the photo (usually within one business day) - if you don't hear from us, please either send a follow up email or call the office at (207) 287-1400.

We're reluctant to post strict size requirements as there are so many variables. Generally most pictures over 1 MB will work well, and pictures over 5 MB may be too large for some mail servers - but please feel free to send the picture you want, and we'll let you know if we see any problems.

Thank you!