photo of Clerk of the House
Robert B. Hunt
Clerk of the House

Office of the
Clerk of the House

State House Room 300

2 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0002
(207) 287-1400
TTY: Maine Relay 711

  Photo of Assistant Clerk of the House
Jennifer E. McGowan
Assistant Clerk of the House

The Clerk of the House serves as the chief executive and administrative official for the Maine House of Representatives. The Clerk and Assistant Clerk of the House are elected by members of the House to serve a two-year term at the beginning of each new Legislature.

An important aspect of the Clerk's duties is overseeing the preparation, printing and/or electronic distribution of the various documents and resources that the members of the House need to perform their duties as public servants as well as providing resources in order for the public to be an informed electorate, including:

The Clerk, Assistant Clerk and key members of their staff are also knowledgeable about the legislative process and parliamentary procedure and can provide guidance to members and help observers understand the steps a bill must go through before it can become a law.

The Clerk, Assistant Clerk and their staff also work with the House members to schedule:


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