When the House is convened, the Honorary Page program gives students an opportunity to participate in the process and to interact with Legislators.

Students from elementary through high school are invited to serve in the House Chamber as Honorary Pages when the House is in Session.

The Speaker of the House decides what time each Session begins, but in general, the House goes into Session in the morning between 9 & 10 am. The length of a Session depends on the amount of business to be taken up and whether there is debate and roll calls.

The Honorary Pages should report to the Clerk’s Office (Room 300, State House) at least one half hour before the beginning of session. During this time they will be handed their badges and will be given instructions by a member of the House Chamber Staff.

Under the supervision of the Sergeant-At-Arms and Chamber Staff, Honorary Pages have the opportunity to see what it’s like to work on the floor of the House and be part of a Legislative Session. Pages perform such duties as delivering messages to Legislators and distributing Amendments and Supplements in the Chamber.

At the sound of the bell they are to gather behind the glass and quietly await appointment by the Speaker. They should listen carefully for their names to be announced.

Because there is no way to predict when a Session will end, chaperones should always keep track of their children. Chaperones are invited to watch Pages perform their duties from the House Gallery.

Guidelines to Follow:
· Neatly and appropriately dressed (no shorts, flip flops, short skirts or hats)
· No eating.
· No drinking.
· No chewing gum.
· No running.
· No loud talking. All conversations should be kept to a whisper.
· While in the Chamber, they will be given directions from the Sergeant-at-Arms and his staff.
· They are allowed to leave the Chamber at any time.
· If their presence in the Chamber becomes a distraction, they will be asked to leave.

For more information you may contact the Clerk’s Office 287-1400.

Honorary Page Invitation Form